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Tracy is a very dedicated and motivating trainer.  I had never done Pilates or Gyrotonic before working with Tracy and have not only been able to catch on right away but have also noticed a big improvement in my strength, muscle tone and well being.  One of Tracy’s greatest strengths is her ability to clearly demonstrate and explain how your muscles should be working and what you should be feeling in order to perform the exercises properly.  This really makes all the difference.  Tracy has been able to target my needs and craft effective and challenging sessions.  Her expertise, patience and good humor make her fun and inspiring to work with.


Tracy is an excellent instructor with whom I truly enjoy working out.  She makes all of our sessions fun and invigorating while still challenging me to consistently improve my fitness level.  There is no other trainer that I would rather work out with at any studio or gym.  My Pilates training with Tracy improved my core strength and flexibility which had many positive effects on my golf game including increased distance, better shoulder and hip turn, and more body control during my swing.  My training sessions with Tracy helped me lose at least 2 waist sizes.


Tracy is exactly what you’d want in an instructor. She is friendly and encouraging without compromising the discipline of form. I started with Pilates, and under Tracy’s confident direction, branched out into Gyrotonic. My hour with her flies by and I leave feeling absolutely rejuvenated.  Tracy makes every minute count. She is efficient and therefore so are your sessions. She focuses her complete attention on the client and remains present throughout. She never “spaces out” or dithers around setting up the equipment. Her every movement is purposeful so your time (and money) is maximized.


Tracy is the best Pilates instructor I’ve ever had! She is patient yet a great motivator. I appreciate that she truly cares about form and is happy to explain and demonstrate challenging moves. Tracy is always on the cutting edge, sharing new techniques and information with her classes. And if all of this weren’t enough, her personality and sense of humor make you want to come to class and work hard.


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